Dinki BakeAdemy and Dinki Cakes

Dinki logoBridgeWorks Thailand aims to identify marketplace opportunities for the development of projects that are suitable for the young people of BridgeWorks. This is for the purpose of skills training, as well as providing some financial assistance for the participants.

Dinki BakeAdemy (abbreviated from ‘dinky di’) is a non-profit project in Thailand supporting the education, equipping and empowerment of at-risk youth. When people buy Dinki products, they are supporting girls from high risk backgrounds towards completing their education, developing alternative skills, and imparting dignity by facilitating self-reliance.

Dinki BakeAdemy has been baking and selling cakes in Chiang Mai, Thailand, since May 2011. Everyday and specialty delights are baked fresh and delivered locally, and they also attend different functions, events and markets in Chiang Mai to sell their products. If you live in Chiang Mai and are interested in ordering their products or wish to see their calendar of where they will be, or if you just want to see what their products are, then check out their website – http://www.dinkicakes.com/ or their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/dinkicakes/

The girls involved in Dinki BakeAdemy are learning all facets of the project—planning, choice of recipes, baking, bookwork, selling and marketing. They have developed confidence and a desire to do more.

Customers have commented favourably about the quality of the project. Café owners and buyers have commented on their professionalism and shown them respect.  The project has given the girls pocket money and a sense of achievement.

The ultimate aim is that the potential of a regular income will help break the cycle of children being trafficked.