Project BridgeWorks was founded in Australia in October 2009 as a not-for-profit incorporated organisation. It was started by a group of people wanting to support the work of BridgeWorks Thailand by providing practical support and assistance outside of Thailand.

For more information on BridgeWorks Thailand, check out their website – http://bridgeworksinc.org/

Project BridgeWorks is a legally incorporated association with an ABN and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). At this stage, Project BridgeWorks does not have tax-deductible status in Australia.


The main aim of Project BridgeWorks is to be the funding and administrative support arm of BridgeWorks Thailand. This ensures that the administrative and fund raising arm of the organisation can be separated from the action/implementation arm. Administration is necessary in Thailand, however the focus there is on the implementation of the projects. The action outside Thailand is to enable the mission to be met in a spirit of volunteerism.


The team members at Project BridgeWorks come from varied backgrounds with a strong desire to give back to others who are less fortunate.


One of the differences of Project BridgeWorks is in how we commit, to each other and the work. We are not an autocratic, bureaucratic or hierarchical organisation. We are a bunch of people with a common goal of making a difference for the Hill Tribe children and youth in Thailand.

Our motivation is the knowledge that unless something changes these children and youth have a hopeless future, being sold into slavery and dying young. So, each person is motivated and activated, but no-one works alone.

We have accountability and responsibility, coupled with energy and servants’ hearts. Ideally we would rather have 1,000 people each doing an hour a week than 50 people trying to do everything and burning out. Supporting BridgeWorks in Thailand HAS to be sustainable, as it is a long term goal to see changes that protect the children and youth… forever.


It is pretty obvious that our motivation is Jesus Christ. Like Him, we have been moved to compassion at the plight of the Hill Tribe children and youth. Many of those involved in Project BridgeWorks have been to Thailand and seen it all first hand. These are REAL children and youth with REAL lives and REAL hopes and dreams. These are NOT just names, numbers, fake photos… these are children and youth who have been abandoned, orphaned, come from poor or dysfunctional families and are at risk of being trafficked. This is why we are moved to compassion.


Thinking about getting involved? See our Get Involved page and Contact Us page. We are always happy to talk about our work and how we can activate others to get involved.