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Youth Education Scholarships

This Scholarship fund helps to cover education costs for BridgeWorks transitioning youths and provides them with a viable future option. The youth are especially vulnerable as they can be viewed by relatives as “something that can be sold”. Education costs per student vary from A$20/mth (Yrs 1-3 High school) through to over A$100/mth for university. In the spirit of fairness, these funds will be set up in a pool in the BridgeWorks Scholarship Fund to make it possible to assist those at every level of education. The scholarship will help to provide day-to-day expenses that includes school fees, text books, uniforms, stationery, and other associated costs.

  • Provide for scholarship – A$25 or A$50 a month per child/youth


BridgeWorks Youth Transition Centre

Funding is needed to help build the BridgeWorks Youth Transition Centre on the BridgeWorks land. This will enable the youth to be in a more permanent residence rather than in rented premises.


Funds for Income-Generating Projects

BridgeWorks is currently developing projects that help the young people learn vocational and business skills, as well as providing the opportunity to earn some income while still studying, and opening doors to future employment opportunities.

  • funding is needed for equipment to help set up a commercial kitchen for Dinki BakeAdemy & Cakes on the BridgeWorks property;
  • funding is also needed for the equipping of a Workshop, which will provide training and employment opportunities in technical/mechanical/maintenance skills, etc.


Miscellaneous Items

  • School backpacks – A$15.00
  • Helmet for youth – A$20.00
  • Sleeping Mat – A$25.00
  • General Donation – A$……


If you are moved to compassion and want to give an offering to this important work, click on the “Donate” button to the right.  Your donation is used for the betterment of the children and will make a REAL difference in the lives of REAL children.